21st Century Fox sells 39% stake in Sky after Comcast won the war at auction

21st Century Fox plans to sell its 39% stake in Sky to Comcast after the company won the acquisition of the station last weekend.

Rupert Murdoch’s company said Wednesday in a statement: “Given Comcast’s promise to pay Sky, we decided, with Disney, to sell the existing 21CF stake in Sky to Comcast, and we commend Comcast for their Exceptional takeover visit. ”

Comcast won a bid on Saturday under the supervision of the UK Takeover Committee. With an offer of £ 30 billion, an extended bidding war has come to an end.

Sky’s independent directors unanimously recommended accepting the offer immediately.

The company said Wednesday in a statement: “Given the premium that Comcast has committed to pay for Sky, we decided, with Disney, to sell to Comcast the current 21% stake in Sky, and we congratulate Comcast, future takeover.

“When we launched Sky in 1989, four chains were produced from a prefabricated structure in an industrial park in the western suburbs of London, and we bet – almost lost – the farm by starting a business that many did not think Sky is the leading entertainment company in Europe and a typical example of a customer-centric company.

“This achievement would not have been possible without decades of entrepreneurial risk-taking and the commitment of thousands of colleagues, creators and dreamers.”

Disney, which purchases 21CF’s entertainment assets under a $ 71 billion (US $ 54 billion) deal, has accepted 21CF’s decision to either accept Comcast’s offer for its existing 21CF stake , or his participation. existing share in Comcast for sale.

Comcast’s offer estimates SK SkyC’s current investment at £ 11.6bn.

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